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Law? What law?

June 11, 2009

This just in: POTUS is above the law.

I try to stay out of politics. I spent years being worried and angry at politics, and it’s exhausting. I’ve got plenty to do and think about, so I try to avoid it. But sometimes it just can’t be ignored.

The Supreme Court decided Tuesday that the president is above the law. Where do we go from here? This video is from Tuesday afternoon, before the Supreme Court’s decision, but it explains the issue very well.

Picture 1

Yes, the economy is struggling. Yes, people are struggling. Yes, we all want to save jobs and help people. But there has to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere, and I think it goes right before we get to violating the constitution and spitting on legally binding contracts.

There has to be a standard. What do we do now? Where does this go? Do we throw out every amendment, every law, that stands in the way of our morals or warm-fuzzy feelings? Because my morals are different from your morals, and your worldview is different than that of the guy in the next cubicle.

Or is it just the president and the Supreme Court that get to break the law? And only the laws that hinder us? How do we stop it after that? It’s a pretty slippery slope to be edging up to, ’cause even if you do believe Obama is the messiah he still only gets eight years, max (although that’s only constitutional too, so who knows). What then?

There has to be a foundation, and that foundation has to be the law of the land and – at the very base of it all – the Constitution. If a law or practice is unconstitutional, fight it. Even if I disagree with you, fight it. But the constitution has to be the standard.

Which means, in part, that the government cannot step into the middle of a private business venture, reorganize a company’s financial structure, and support or condemn it’s transactions just to avoid a blight on an administration’s image. This is not China … technically … at least not yet …

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  1. tamihoban permalink
    June 13, 2009 3:39 pm

    well said.

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