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Finney Friday

June 5, 2009

‘Cause last week was so much fun.

Everybody knows what an abominable thing it is for a wife not to be satisfied with the love of her husband but continually seeking other lovers. Yet the Church is not satisfied with the love of Christ and always seeks after other lovers. What are we to think of members of the Church who are not satisfied with the love of Christ but must have the riches and honors of the world to make them happy?

Still more horrible would be a wife who chose her lovers from the enemies of her husband and made them her chosen friends. Yet how many professing Christians give their affections to Christ’s enemies?

Everyone knows that it is a disgraceful thing for a wife to play the harlot. Yet God often speaks of His Church as going astray and committing spiritual whoredome! And it is true!

What would you think of a married woman who expected, at the very time of her marriage, to get tired of her husband, leave him, and play the harlot?

Many ‘Christians,’ when they made a profession, had no more expectation of living without sin than they expected to have wings and fly. They promised to forsake all sin, to live alone for Christ, to be satisfied with His love, and to have no other lovers – yet the whole time they are doing it, in their minds they expect to commit sin and dishonor Christ.

From Crystal Christianity.

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