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On the murder of George Tiller

June 3, 2009

I was shocked to read the headline about the murder of George Tiller last Sunday.

I was waiting for a friend outside Puzzle Dust when I decided to check in on CNN. The tiny headline on my phone read simply, “Abortion doctor killed.” I sighed as I clicked to get more information, more so (to be perfectly honest) because of the trouble this would cause the pro-life cause than anything else.

The article began, “Dr. George Tiller was shot … ” and I stopped, stunned. Really? I read it three or four times. Not what I expected at all, and the reaction within me was difficult to discern.

I’ve read a lot of statements and opinions in the past couple days from prominent pro-life organizations. All, rightfully, condemning the violence. Still, something wasn’t being resolved. There was still an 800 pound gorilla in the room that none of us was addressing. So I’ll just say it: The man was a murderer.

I’m not okay with killing murderers, and I’m certainly not justifying Tiller’s murder – but let’s not pretend that the estimated 60,000 infant remains that were incinerated on his clinic’s property don’t cross anyone’s mind when we type out trite statements that are really more about deflecting bad press and accusations against our own organizations and beliefs.

That said, there’s been this strange paradox in my soul about the whole thing. Then, today, I read Abort73’s blog and was very much relieved. Mike articulates the thing very clearly, so I won’t endeavor to do it again. Check it out.

Then, let us know what you think – is this cut and dry for you, or were you grasping after the correct response too? Do you agree with the Abort73 article? Has someone else responded better?

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