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Smooth green grass snake

May 31, 2009

Timothy found a new nature preserve, so we went to check it out yesterday afternoon. Snake hunting, of course. Pics from my little camera phone, ’cause this is lovely even in 2 megapixels.


I don’t know how people can not like the midwest. It’s gorgeous. Mountains are nice, but I’d rather be able to sit and stare off at the horizon. How much day dreaming can you really do staring at an obstacle like a mountain range? And I like the ocean, but I sat on one of those rocks and the sunshine was just the same, and every time the wind sang through that tall, emerald grass, it whispered back and waved in ways the ocean cannot. I love it.


Huge garter snake. It startled him when it moved around his foot.


I found a club. John and Jen will understand. I know, I’m the toughest ginger in pigtails you’ve ever seen.


The find of the day. These shots aren’t very good (or in focus), but that snake was pretty. And very docile. Smooth green grass snake. Timothy’s been looking for one since last summer. He was excited. He plopped it in his shirt pocket for a while, but let him go before we left the area.


There you go. Saturday afternoon adventures with Tim and Lex.

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  1. May 31, 2009 3:32 pm

    Nice club. :)

    PS: I would still opt for the mountains.

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