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Thought on evangelism from a non-Christian

May 26, 2009

Picture 2
This guy – as far as I know – is not a Christian. At least, he doesn’t market himself as a Christian. That is to say, he wasn’t trying to make a point here, except to say he enjoys interviews with Pixar directors.

Why does he enjoy them? Because they’re open, informative and (“above all”) enthusiastic. Open. Informative. Enthusiastic. They don’t keep secrets. They don’t assume the viewer won’t understand something. They don’t hide behind special effects. They don’t make stuff up to pimp their product. They offer information – not just opinions. They enjoy what they do and they obviously enjoy talking about it.

So much so that a guy who is not in animation or film, who does not work for Pixar, who is not even Pixar’s target audience “loves” to listen to them.

I’m convicted. You? When was the last time you were “enthusiastic” about the gospel?

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  1. May 28, 2009 3:05 pm

    What’s compelling to me, more so than sharing the gospel, are the key elements of being “open” and “informative” and sharing with enthusiasm. People would most likely be more receptive to the message (at least respect the person) when faith-sharers do this without coming across like a hidden sales pitch. Great post!

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