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Sometimes they just don’t grow

May 15, 2009

I was watering my sprout collection last night, and decided to give up on the daisies. Not daisies in general, just the ones growing on my end table. They’re whispy and weak, and I think daisies are just better sown as seeds into the ground. They tend to bloom later in the year anyway, so there’s plenty of time.

Part of me, though, has a hard time making that call. My thumbs are pretty green, and I’ve always had this natural aversion to failure – or anything I even perceive to be failure. I don’t like it, and I tend to take it out on myself with zero mercy. I’m getting better. I realize that sometimes you have to fail to grow, and that failure means you’re trying new things. I know.

Still – I did everything right. I germinated the seeds. I planed them in good soil. I set them in lots of sunlight. I set them in good, artificial light on cloudy days. I kept the soil moist. They’re growing, but they’re weak. Where everything else is about ready to move outside, the daisies are struggling to survive.

But sometimes – no matter how talented you are, no matter how gifted or anointed you are, no matter how hard you try – some of the seeds just don’t grow. Even if you do everything right. Even if you fully expect them to.

Jesus even said so. Sometimes the soil isn’t great. Sometimes birds come and eat the seed. There are always other factors at play, and seeds don’t even have free will.

So last night I set the daisies aside and didn’t water them. I’ll get another packet of daisy seeds in a month when the ground is really warm, and sow them where I want them, and we’ll see what happens. Maybe the daisies will make a come back.

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