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This banana proves you’re embarrassing me

May 13, 2009

Timothy and Mattchoo and I were having some good discussion last night, and then Timothy had to ruin it by encouraging Matt to look up this video on his phone. I got a little nauseous trying to watch it last night, and I could only bring myself to watch the first few seconds just now – just enough to verify I had the right one.

(I laughed out loud at a bunch of the comments on the YouTube page, though. Oh my goodness.)

‘Cause really? Really? Look at Kirk smiling and squirming in his chair; even Kirk Cameron doesn’t buy this and he was in Fireproof.

Can I just reiterate my plea that Christians not do crap like this? Please? If you get a brilliant idea like this, run it by a couple friends. Run it by a couple atheists. If they laugh at you, don’t – for the love of God – preach it. Actually, if you’re not a biologist – even an amateur biologist – just keep your cute theories about fruit within your little circle of friends.

Because all this does is make the rest of us look bad. I’d be hard pressed to believe that anyone, anywhere, at any time, repented and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ because someone pointed out how convenient it is to eat a banana. “Well slap me twice and call me a monkey’s uncle, you’re right! It fits perfectly into my mouth! There must be a benevolent Creator of the universe after all! Nothing else could explain the way the peel drapes perfectly over my hand! Jesus, my life is entirely yours! Thanks be to God for bananas!” o.O

And can we finally just agree that nothing proves the existence of God. You can’t prove God. If you could prove God, faith would be unnecessary, and yet a constant theme in scripture is that, “without faith it is impossible to please God.”

It did yield the quote of the day yesterday, though. If you can imagine one of Husband’s ridiculous voices, it makes it even better. I thought Mattchoo was going to pee himself:

“What the eff?! This tomato doesn’t have a tab on it! I can’t eat this!”

Am I being too hard on the guy? Is it just me, or is this really stupid? Any atheists out there? Let it rip in the comments.

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