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April in pictures

May 2, 2009


Not very many pictures, either. I kind of dropped the ball on the project this month. I’m over the novelty of it, and had all but quit until I started going through January. It’s such a nice way to journal – I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on, as they say.

April had it’s good days, but looking over the thumbnails, I gotta say April pretty much sucked. I’m blessed beyond measure, and God is able to turn all things into good – I know. And I know I’ve got it pretty good, but April’s my least favorite month this year.

Thought we were going to pay a car off at the beginning of the month, still haven’t. Got sick for the longest I can remember being sick for. Ever. Got another part of my heart ripped out ’cause I haven’t seemed to learn not to put so much of it into ministry AND, as kind of a grand finale, I got laid off. So sure, God’s grace is sufficient for me, but overall – overall I’m glad April is over.

There were good days. The Stations of the Cross art exhibit was great. I got a cute Easter dress, and I have my very own yard this spring. All good things. I’m calling this one out as my favorite for this month. This was one of the good days.


Nothing says “spring” like sunshine and dirty knees.

You can see the whole 365 here.

You’re up. How was your April?

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  1. Tyrone B. permalink
    May 4, 2009 7:19 am

    Wow Lex,
    Sounds like the enemy has been taking some of his best shots at you. That can been exciting depending on how you look at it. It sounds like to me that you are in perfect positionfor a promotion and a major change in your life. Look for it, expect it.
    Your life seems like is following the season. Out of something that seems dorment or worse, comes a breakthrough of something new and fresh.

    Did you rent “Faith like potatoes” yet? It’s at Redbox. Check it out.

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