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Good Friday art exhibit

April 17, 2009

I’ve been waiting to tell you all about our Stations of the Cross student art exhibit that went down last week, but I left a bunch of pictures on my dad’s camera and had to retrieve them. Which I did. Yesterday. (They’re after the break.) So here we go.

Our student ministry put together our first – probably annual – Stations of the Cross art exhibit last Friday, and it was pretty amazing. Each student (or team, in one case) was assigned a station along Christ’s journey from the Gethsemane to the tomb. They got two months to meditate over the scripture (which most of them did), and create an art piece that expressed it somehow.

I admit I didn’t know what to expect. We explained the “stations of the cross” concept about a dozen times and what the point of the art was, and I still wasn’t sure if everyone completely grasped the concept. Not that I can blame them: we’re a Spirit-filled, non-denominational church that has never done a Good Friday service before. Ever. This was also our first big art initiative since we developed our new mission statement.

For the most part, I was pleasantly surprised. We had drawings, paintings, clay, multi-media, photography and an installation of the tomb. A photographer from our local paper came out in response to a press release I sent, and the fliers must have gotten out because there were a bunch of people who were not from the church.

I was trying to resurrect my events management skills from Columbia during the attendance peak, and I’d say during the course of the evening we had 90 to 100 people come through. After we watched The Passion, one guy responded to Pastor’s altar call for salvation. Pretty stinkin’ good for our first time.

Some pics:


I admit I had several other agendas for the evening, and they all went as planned. The students got to use their talents for God’s glory (a guy got saved, come on!), and some of them had a safe yet validating outlet to try their hand at being artistic – or at a new medium – for the first time. The church and student ministry got greater exposure in the community, the student ministry got greater exposure in the congregation, and I got to show off the students to the adults. The primary goal was to glorify Christ and bring in the lost, and we did that. But neither am I ashamed to admit that I think student ministry is the best and most important ministry ever and we flaunted it.

And we learned a lot, so next year will be even better!

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