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Faith without works is …

April 13, 2009

I was recently challenged to apply a particular scripture to my life – that day. The seemingly harmless activity – that took all of two minutes and 140 characters – kicked me in the teeth.

has developed a Twitter Bible study, appropriately name TwibleStudy. He throws out a scripture, and people Tweet (with the hashtag, so we can find each other) about how that verse applies to their lives that day. See? There’s that tricky condition again: that day.

‘Cause we know that scripture is applicable – in a general, fuzzy, uncommitted sort of way. But to apply it to your life, today ups the responsibility – in a healthy, uncomfortable sort of way.

So the first TwibleStudy I got to participate in was on the first from that lovely passage in James 2 about “faith without works is dead.” I typed in a quick response, threw on that hashtag, and hit Enter. Only then did I realize what I’d written/done …

It means that if I don’t make time to pray today it’s not because I’m too busy, it’s because I don’t believe in prayer.


On some levels, that passage in James is not spiritually profound. If you have faith for a better job, and you don’t send out resumes – your “faith” is dead. If you have faith that you can get healthy, but you don’t start exercising – your “faith” is dead.

In less than 140 characters, however, I managed to blow James 2 wide open – at least in my amateur spirit. If I have faith that God hears prayer, that He answers prayer, that He wants to talk to me, that He’s jealous for my time; but I don’t pray – my “faith” in prayer is dead.

One more lesson in how little I actually believe in prayer, maybe.

Your turn. Faith without works is dead. How does that apply to your Monday?

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