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Bound4Life Chicago – February

February 17, 2009

bound4lfe“F U HAVE A NICE DAY” was scrawled on a piece of paper taped to one young man’s back, as he held another piece with a similar exhortation over his head. He walked awkwardly, and slowly, through the parking lot, making sure to keep his signs positioned where we could read them. Without turning around he walked backwards, back toward the clinic, stopping just outside the door to read it aloud before disappearing inside.

Months ago that would have torn me to pieces, but I’m satisfied that God is bigger than me and prayer is powerful. So I just closed my eyes again when he went back inside, and kept praying.

I missed this Bound4Life Chicago prayer meeting in December and again in January. Due to the relative turmoil in my soul over the thing, I was surprised to find that being back last Saturday was actually very refreshing.

I stood on that cold Chicago sidewalk, silent on behalf of 4000 who die every day in this country without a voice, and wondered at the heart of that young man. Because there were no loud, obnoxious protesters that day. There were 15 people standing quietly along the fence in prayer, and a half-dozen older people offering literature and directions to the crisis pregnancy center one block away.

And yet something was so stirred inside of him that he felt compelled to lash out in his own defense.

I watched an SUV back into the parking spot just before me with rosary beads hanging from the rear-view mirror. A young man sat in his car the whole time we were there with his toddler climbing around in the back seat. One young woman walked in with tears in her eyes, and the whole time the sun was trying desperately to break through the cloud cover.

The sky was gray when we got there, and the cold was biting. On again and off again for three hours the sun would find a gap in the clouds and thaw frozen and hopeless hearts. And then the clouds would drift by again.

“They know this is wrong, but they won’t let Me in.”

I spent most of the morning praying for those women. They’re so hurt, so betrayed, so abused – and then someone convinces them that this will make all that stuff from the past go away. Testimony after testimony, however, would suggest that they’re walking into more hurt and abuse and betrayal.

Pray for those women.

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