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Revelation on fasting

February 14, 2009

fastingI recently watched a student learn that revelation is sometimes unsolicited.

Fasting is a funny thing. Your spirit loves it, and your flesh hates it. When you’re not doing it, you want to do it; when you’re doing it, you don’t want to do it. One moment you’re sure that it’s not doing anything anyway, and seconds later the Holy Spirit comes to meet you with less of you to break through.

Fasting inspires more internal arguments – at least in me – than much else. Why? Why not? Am I doing it for the right reasons? Is it possible to do it for the wrong reasons? If I am doing it for the wrong reason, should I not? Is that me giving into my flesh? Is it better off to give into my flesh in one area if it prevents pride in another?

A student sat in my office last week and re-enacted the battle I’ve had so many times from the other side of the desk. Then he got to this,

“It’s not like I’m any closer to God when I fast ’cause when I don’t fast, I get home from school and I want to pray and worship and stuff, but when I fast I want to sleep because I’m tired and I just don’t want to do anything. It’s like I’m further from God when I fast. Or maybe I just realize how far I always am from God when I’m fasting …”

He paused for a second and looked at me. I waited.

“I just realize how far I already am from God! I’m not any further, I can just see it better because I’m fasting!” Cue pseudo-agonizing cry.

What did you learn the last time you fasted? Or what have you learned about fasting lately? Share the wealth!

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