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I’m done arguing about abortion

February 12, 2009

abortion-debateI’ll preach on it (mostly in April again this year). I’ll answer honest questions. I’ll share information as it comes my way, but I’m not checking the box next to “Notify me when someone else throws their two cents into yet another endless argument” anymore. We’ve been having the same conversation forever and it’s not getting anyone anywhere.

Because all the debates and all of the arguments get really impassioned and come down to the issue of whether or not a child in the womb is a child. And we can’t even agree on how to determine if it’s a child. Do we lean on biology? Morals? Religion? One would think the obvious choice in a society that allows for freedom of religion would be “biology,” but it’s not.

It’s not because those who would keep abortion legal just keep backing up. For the longest time they (I was among them) argued and argued that you can’t force a moral system or a religious standard on someone else. It had to be science. Fine. In recent years the closely held, biological truth that a child is unique and alive at the moment of conception has been leaking into the mainstream. But now, somehow, that’s not good enough either and we’re back to the same old round-about.

“Well it’s not viable.”
“Babies have been born weeks – even months – premature and survived.”
“Not in the first trimester.”
“Then any life that can’t sustain itself should be terminated? Nursing homes become death camps?”
“Those people have families and loves ones.”
“So do children in the womb.”
[Back to the beginning.]

One blogger recently tried to change the conversation, but I don’t think his new direction is very strong. And read through the comments – it goes back to the beginning.

So I’m done arguing (although I did leave a comment, so maybe I’m not – maybe I’m just frustrated). I’m going to pray and buy diapers for the crisis pregnancy center in my town. I’m going to preach the truth and spread good news (tomorrow), but don’t try to engage me in a debate about it because I know your kind and I’m over it … at least for this week.

What do you think? Is there hope for an informed debate still? Or do we need to focus our efforts elsewhere?

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  1. February 12, 2009 4:10 pm

    I have little hope that, after 28+ years of voting pro-life, there is a scientific argument that will win the day because most people have made the decisions on abortion based on other factors like personal experience or politics. Prayer is our only hope.

  2. heather permalink
    February 12, 2009 6:57 pm

    if christians spent half as much time personally loving and caring for pregnant women, rape victims and at-risk teenagers as they do on their self-righteous screaming, the abortion clinics would go out of business. think about it – women would rather terminate a pregnancy, murder their child, go against their very biological nature than turn to the church for assistance. we should be ashamed of ourselves. something that is so inherently good – protecting babies – is so covered in lies by the enemy and has been so politicized by the church we have to defend our cause just to be heard? i reject all of it. tell the truth and then get out in the trenches and love people, be salt and light to them and pray for them as people, not a political decision to be overturned. if every pro-lifer was actively loving and praying for a woman considering abortion, think about how many of their babies would be saved and loved… but that’s a commitment people don’t want to make. that means getting your hands dirty and socializing with undesirables. that means taking the time to get to know women individually and meeting their needs, spending time with them and being their family when they have none.

    the church is mobilized, organized, active and the problem only worsens. if your heart’s desire is to save babies, then pray the Spirit would lead you to women who need you to show them love and encouragement.

    i say all this not as a condemnation on you… but i have been on the picket lines since i was small and i know there are christians, many, many christians who can debate this into the ground who have never walked with a woman through an unwanted pregnancy, who think that caring for orphans and widows means going on talk radio and blogs and soliloquizing about when a heart first starts to beat. i just imagine a body that is mobilized not by an organization, but by a Holy Spirit who knows the hearts of women and could lead us into situations where we could have an individual impact. if only we were listening.

    anyway. i don’t have a lot of answers, but this issue pierces me. the only effective way to be pro-life i have found is to put myself in the world, actively love the people in my life believers or not, praying for them constantly so when a situation arises when i’m asked what i think about this grave decision, i don’t have to debate or use science or logic or politics. my words mean something because they are covered in love, rooted in our relationship and (prayerfully) blessed by the Spirit.

    and that’s my looooong two cents. :)

  3. Lex permalink
    February 13, 2009 9:53 am

    @Bob – I agree that prayer is the catalyst. Nothing’s going to have the same effect.

    @Heather – Thanks for your thoughts! I think you’re right that the only way to be pro-life is to love people – women and babies! And, unfortunately, I think you’re right that we’re not doing as much of it as we should be because it’s hard.

    I wonder how we – as the Church – move from a place of condemnation to being a place where women know they can go to find safety and love. On the one hand, I don’t think believers should get quiet on the issue, but on the other hand, we need to let people know that we’re here for them. How do we do that?

  4. February 13, 2009 10:06 am

    Maybe we just need to walk the talk and let love win the day?

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