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My January in Pictures

January 31, 2009


I found a Flickr group/project called 365 Days. The idea is to take a picture of yourself – at least in part – every day for a year. I’m not going to link to the group ’cause some people think they look best naked and we just don’t need to go there. I usually don’t (go there); I just stole the idea.

It started out as, “Hey, that could be fun,” but quickly evolved into a really neat (yes I did) way to journal. I’m trying to get better at capturing either the highlight or the summation of the day, and typing a lot in the Description. It’s also making me want a real camera, which is inconvenient.

You can see my set here. And it’s not too late to start; you can go February to February if you want. You know you want on this bandwagon.

I think this is my fav for January:


Are you doing this? Something similar? Post a link to your Flickr set (or whatever) in the comments!

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  1. seekingrecklessabandon permalink
    January 31, 2009 11:44 pm

    I like seeing your day to day pictures! :-)

  2. Lex permalink
    February 2, 2009 10:31 am

    Thanks. You should play! ;)

  3. Lex permalink
    February 2, 2009 4:59 pm

    Well since no one wants to play along, I’ll share some of my RSS feed in this category. Most of these are chosen for artistic reasons, not necessarily because of the narratives. I’m sure they’re interesting people, but I haven’t really gotten to “know” any of them. Just the same – it’s interesting the snapshots that people share of their lives.

    This is Los. I found his feed when he blogged about it. His kids are adorable.

    This is rosiehardy. Found her in the group. Her work is beautiful.

    This is KatherineMitchell. Also very talented. And I dig her hair.

    There you go. You want to play now, don’t you?

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