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“He’s alive and they won’t help me!”

January 30, 2009

22weeks1“He’s alive and they won’t help me!”

22weeks is a 25-minute featurette that released last August to zero fanfare (or I was under a rock, ’cause I’d never heard of it). No doubt part of the reason it didn’t get any coverage was because it was producer Angel Manuel Soto’s first film. No big names attached to this one.

The other reason you’ve never heard of it is because it’s based on the testimony of a woman named Angele. She told the World Net Daily about her abortion, and while her story is horrifying, it’s not a rare one.

I found an article on The Christian Post about the film yesterday and will now proceed to cut and paste a large chunk of it. CAUTION: This may ruin your morning.

Earlier in the film, we find a much different Angela at the EPOC Clinic in Orlando, Fla., as she is midway through the second trimester of her pregnancy. There, Angela is presented with two options: the suction method or an injection to the baby’s heart.

She chooses the latter, convinced by employees that the procedure will not cause the baby any pain. She would simply have a stillborn birth the following day. To her, the suction method is a monstrous act.

After the procedure, she is met by a group of pro-life advocates outside the clinic. When one Christian tries to convince her to save the baby, Angela replies, “God was never raped.”

While there a several uncomfortable moments when Angela experiences some complications, the shocking scene near the end comes as she has given birth to her baby on a toilet.

“He’s alive!” Angela screams, shocked that the baby was not dead like the employees had assured he would be when born.

But the mother is even more horrified when the employees, who respond slowly to her cries, deny the baby is living, do not help her and lock her in the bathroom.

“He’s alive and they won’t help me!” Angela tells her friend on the phone. “I don’t want this anymore … I made a mistake! Call 911!”

As Angela waits for help, she holds the baby close to her, telling her son, “I’m so sorry” and “I love you so much,” and wishing she had another chance.

When the ambulance arrives at the clinic, the employees try to turn them away, insisting that no one placed a 911 call.

The baby, whom Angele had named Rowan, died 10 minutes after the 911 call by her friend due to negligence. The doctor, Jim Perper, who administered the injection, was not prosecuted.

Soto has been working with and Operation Rescue to try to promote the film. You can go to the website to watch a trailer (I watched the one on the front page and it’s not graphic), order the DVD, request a screening, etc. Soto is relying on word-of-mouth to get the word out about the film and the abuses going on in abortion clinics all over the country. Count me in.

This is Bound4Life’s 140-character review via Twitter:


You can read the whole Christian Post article here.

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  1. Caleb Towers permalink
    January 30, 2009 9:45 am

    I recently somewhat took part in an online discussion about abortion, started as a digression from someone’s original discussion. And there was definitely a woman on there who was starkly anti-abortion, and she was getting told off by a MAN, saying, “Oh yeah?! Well what about the woman’s right to choose huh? She has the right to decide what happens inside her own body!” Which is ironic to the third degree. Not to mention, when on earth did that become the case? Since when are we living in a Utilitarian society that we can do whatever we want as long as it’s associated with our own body? Heroine and Cocaine are illegal choices, why? Because they have the possibility of affecting others through their use, right? Abortion pretty much holds a guarantee that it’s going to affect someone else, but no, this one… This one is someone’s right to choose.

  2. Lex permalink
    January 30, 2009 11:44 am

    Dude, it’s completely ridiculous. The laws and rights and reasoning upholding abortion don’t seem to apply or make sense anywhere else in our society. Just in this case. Because it’s easier for people to deal with.

    I “overheard” a discussion on Twitter the other day about how parental notification laws should be overturned because it’s a violation of privacy. The privacy of a – say – 14 year old girl who is about to make a second (probably) really terrible decision. Never mind that her school nurse can’t so much as give her an Advil without calling her parents, she should be able to get an abortion without them knowing about it. ? It’s insane.

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