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OneThing – Lou Engle

January 6, 2009

louThe third night was Lou. If you know Lou …

He started in Luke 1 and called for Nazarites, people who would live wholly for the Lord. No compromises. Not because it’s a new challenge. Not because even Christians want to be part of a cool movement – because the Father is holy and He’s looking for people who will believe the first commandment.

Then he moved to 1 Kings 16 and set the scene by describing a king who did more evil than any other before him, who married himself to Jezebel, who sacrificed children to false gods.

“Then in verse one of chapter 17 Elijah the Tishbite … who?”

One of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament shows up unknown and unannounced in the midst of wickedness and perversion and, without so much as addressing the king, prophecies of a drought. He stands and boldly proclaims, “As the Lord God of Israel lives, before Whom I stand …” because even though this queen was embarking on a campaign to slaughter God’s prophets, Elijah’s eyes were on a higher government.

In the next chapter, Elijah brings Israel to Mount Carmel and asks how long they will falter between two opinions. If God is God, worship Him. If you are god, stop pretending. If your bank account is god, stop pretending. If your family is god, stop pretending. Elijah builds his altar with 12 stones, representing the 12 tribes of Israel; he builds an altar to the Lord on the unity of His people and God answers with fire.

Then Lou said three things that struck me. The last still haunts me, and I pray it always will:

“Nazarites are forged in the deserts of fasting, not the desserts of feasting.”

“There is a Mount Carmel in every human heart.”

“Every time you compromise … you are practicing to receive the mark of the beast.”

Lou doesn’t mess around.

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