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worship team perks

August 8, 2008

Being on the Church in the Word Sunday morning worship team has it’s perks. One of those perks is Bill Fetter.

Bill, for those of you who don’t know, is the guitarist waaaay over on the right (your right, “house right”). He’s the one smiling all the time. He and his wife are also on the Altar Team. You know the one.

Bill has a way with emails. That’s one of the perks. These Worship Team emails are generally kept under wraps. They contain insanity not fit for the general population, so we tend to not leak them … for your own safety. This one, though, is too good to keep quiet.

Tami (Remember Tami Hoban? Pastor’s wife? Worship leader? She’s kind of average height, red hair, really cute children? Oh ya.) has been gone forever at conferences and vacations. You know. Living like a rock star. Typical. Well she’s supposed to be back in town sometime soon here, so Bill wrote her a Welcome Back email, which, of course, CC-ed the rest of the Team. It’s like that. No secrets among us.

Here you go:

Hi Tami!

I wanted to take this time to welcome you back from your conference and vacation.

We all are excited to hear some of the things that you experienced at the conference and see some pictures from vacation.

I would also like to thank Mike and Dennis for the fantastic job they did while you were out being refreshed and renewed.

Things went very well and we all continued to grow in our craft and worship. However, you may find things a bit different due to some events that took place.

I’m not saying anything bad happened but as you know once a certain volume of water has passed under a bridge the bridge is never the same.

The one positive thing is that there were no arrests or jail time, and any lingering allegations of anything are just the whispers of the bitterly defeated, whining about something. Oh Boo Hoo all the hair on my arms have been burned off,…..Oh boo Hoo I can’t hear out my left ear,.. Oh boo Hoo I walk with a limp now……. WOW what cry babies….. But things always work out for the best FOR the WINNERS!!!! and not the LOSERS….. Thats right babies the WINNERS write the HISTORY! READ IT AND WEEP! IN YOUR FACE!!!

Oh …sorry… Back to the welcome home stuff!

We missed you but we became more of a cohesive team in your absents, caring and sharing.

Marching Band Sunday was a wonderful event that gave us all a chance to play John Phillip Sousa’s version of Amazing Grace/ Break Free a new twist on worship that I think the congregation really hooked on to. The Uniforms were pretty cool too.

However the following weeks version of Fire Fall Down using real fire was a strong concept with a hard hitting message but getting everyone back in their seats after the fire dept. left was a problem.

Oh , by the way the new paisley/ plaid carpet looks cool.

And we used the chairs from the back of the church to replace the ones that got kind of wrecked in front. We did get some lawn chairs from a yard sale and they seem to be working fine.

Well in all we are so happy to have you back ready to roll. You will look excellent as do all the ladies on the worship team in our new South L.A. dew ragg rapper lids. Yours says
“Sup, YO Super TEEEEEEEEE Owwwww!” on the front. We wanted to keep yours a bit conservative, you know, being the team leader and Pastors wife and all.

Mikes scar is hardly noticeable and none of us really like wearing socks anyway. SO all is Good!

Remember this week is eye patch Sunday we have them ready for the first 300 in the building, yours has glitter on it, (of course) and the rest of us will just wear our basic patches that we can easily change from one eye to the other between songs.

As a side note I have the live chickens ready for release. I put them in Pastors office with a bunch of food to keep them quiet for the week. It should be fine there are only 72. I couldn’t get the other 28 in they kept flopping out so I put them in the ladies bathroom.

So that is that, welcome back
See Ya!

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