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making humility difficult

July 22, 2008

Yes, yes, it’s been a week and a half but I’m a busy lady, alright? I’ve been meaning to blog/brag on hanging out with Bianca in SC, so I’m going to do it and I don’t care how tardy it is.

This lady is awesome. You probably know that, but she’s more awesome now than she was when she moved away a year ago. I know, I know: it sounds totally impossible, but it’s true.

We went over to Jeff and Bianca’s for dinner one evening during our vacation. Lovely evening with another adorable couple they go to church with (and their Baby Simon who is adorable). Before dinner, the womens were standing around in the kitchen chatting and Bianca started telling me about this book she’s reading.

“You should read this book. It will totally help you understand your husband.”

Ya, I inhaled sharply when she said it too.

Immediately I got a little defensive; I understand my husband just fine! Then she explained she’s reading Wild At Heart and started to tell me about it, so I got the context of her comment a little better.

She’s really impressed with this book, so she told us all about it. One of the most remarkably insightful things the author talks about is that God formed Man in the wild (where there just weren’t any laundry hampers). Then He created the beauty and relative order/tranquility of the garden, put the man in it, and there He created the woman. That in and of itself spoke volumes to me.

Another night, Jeff took Timothy out to go rock climbing/laser tagging/Buck Hunter-ing, and Bianca and I got food and chatted for hours. More about Wild At Heart, and then about stuff girls talk about – namely everything. Time and time again, though, I was (and I’m embarrassing her now I’m sure) struck by how completely level-headed, and big-picture, and – for lack of a more humble word – wise that woman is. I honestly left their place that night feeling like a better wife already.

So if you’re in South Carolina, ladies, schedule some couch time with Bianca.

And Bianca, you need to blog some of this stuff, girl. Seriously.

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  1. God's Love Changed Everything permalink
    July 23, 2008 1:24 pm

    wow, Lex. thank you for completely embarassing me for the whole blog world to see. ;D

    one of the beautiful things about your relationship with Timothy that I have always envied is that you DO have an insight in him that confirms that you were designed just for him. it’s a beautiful relationship and one that is indeed already incredibly good.

    This past year has been painfully difficult and it has only been the grace of God that has kept our family together. I guess that’s God’s glory- to take people that are freying and dirtied by sin and wash them, bind up the loose edges, broken pieces, and make us whole again. It’s by His power and for His glory… He certainly is good.

    BTW, for all those who are smart enough to read Lex’s blog regularly- Wild at Heart AND Captivating have been PHENOMENAL! Really, pick them up and read. Get them from the library! They’re amazing.

  2. The Academy Against Apathy permalink
    July 24, 2008 1:58 pm

    Bianca, I highly recomend you listen to Brian Zahnds Sermon on the “The Tapestry of Grace” I think it’s very timely for you and Jeff.

    You can find it in the Audio Archives

    Be blessed.

  3. Life As We See It permalink
    July 24, 2008 4:42 pm

    i think bianca’s comment proves that all lex said is true! I have read both captivating and wild at heart and loved them both. Great books.

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