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Myrtle Beach

July 7, 2008

K. I can finally write about our time in Myrtle Beach because we’ve surprised both Jeff and Bianca on separate occasions (neither of which I had a camera ready for, which is a total shame).

We visited Jeffy at work yesterday. We actually tried to get him on our way through Conway Friday evening, but we got there 30 minutes after they closed early for the holiday. We drove around to the window and Timothy knocked. The girl on the other side yelled that they’re closed and she couldn’t open the window.






We managed to get back to Chick-fil-A during the lunch rush on Saturday. He had his back to us, filling orders so we just pointed. The girl at the register turned around, “Mr. Jeff. Mr. Jeff, I think you should turn around, please.”

He stared. He stared for a good five to ten seconds. You could see the wheels spinning. “Holy crap!” So we had our first Chick-fil-A, got directions to their church, and swore him to secrecy.

Sometime Saturday evening to Sunday morning, he let on that he had a surprise for Bianca. She said she got suspicious as he thoroughly cleaned the house.

Bianca saw us before we saw her this morning. We parked. We started to walk up to the small crowd standing in front of the church building when out of no where we heard, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” I felt like the prodigal son coming home: she ran to meet us, we got a lot of hugs, and she almost cried. It was sweet. Surprise accomplished.

Then lunch and more beach. Food and beach is about all we’ve done so far, and that’s okay.

Oh, and church was really good this morning. If you’re ever in Myrtle Beach and you’re looking to go to church, I can sincerely recommend Seacoast Vineyard. The sermon this morning was really good.

Blogger doesn’t want me to upload pics, but you can see them here.

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