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June 12, 2008

I got to hang out with Jen for a bit after the service last night. She’s headed out to CO for the summer, early Saturday morning. *tear*

Jen’s one of those wonderful people who seems to just pop in and out of your life every so often to give you a little boost. A little reminder of what you’re doing and probably a little reminder of why too.

We talked about how expensive Starbucks is because you really pay for the experience and the logo more than you do for the coffee. We talked about pre-ground coffee being of the devil. Like dancing.

We talked about simple things like our siblings and lofty ideals like vacations.

We talked about the expression of Christianity in the west versus the rest of the world. We talked about “to whom much is given much will be required.” We talked about persecution and how deeply our own convictions really go. We talked about pain. We talked about stained glass. We talked about Constantine, but that’s between her and I.

We talked about the rapture and the tribulation. We talked about 2 Thessalonians and Matthew 24. We talked about seals and trumpets and bowls and famines and cyclones and earthquakes. We talked about the next couple decades.

Then we went to my (new) house and watched The Star of Bethlehem. If you haven’t seen this yet, let me know and you can come over some time. We talked about Revelation and astrology and constellations. We talked about omnipotence and eternity. We talked about Adam in the garden and came up with some really good questions for Jesus.

What the heck is firmament anyway?

How do we know the names of the constellations? Did You name them or did we? You talk about them in Job, but if You named them who did You tell their names to? Did Adam know them? Did Adam name the animals in the garden after them? Which bear came first: the animal or the constellation?

How many species were on the ark with Noah? You said two of every kind, so are there more now than there were B.C.?

How do you do that thing were Old Testament prophecy regards both the immediate future of the prophet in his time, and the end of days?

And then it was late and Jen left.

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