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updates from the homeowners

May 15, 2008

We’re doing well and having a great time. Some exciting homeowner firsts:

Timothy mowed the lawn for the first time last weekend. It looks wonderful. At one point he thinks (now) that he put too much oil in the lawn mower, though, because at a certain angle it would presumably overflow onto the engine and emit really big, really thick billows of white smoke. The neighbor thought it was hilarious.

We bought a kitchen table (a real one), and a bench to go with it. After we’ve weathered the first round of utility bills we’ll probably go back for chairs, but the table and bench are gorgeous.

And I wrote a check for our first mortgage payment yesterday. That was less exciting than the other two.

We’re totally in with the neighbors too – especially the teenagers. (You’re not surprised?) Skateboards and four-square and a little bit of mutual respect is all it takes. It’s strange sometimes because I’m so used to our teenagers at church, and these teenagers are different (for now). Like when Brenton’s mom yelled at him to come home yesterday evening and he yelled back, “I’m right there!” Timothy told him a few times to listen to his parents and go home before Brenton seemed to realize he wasn’t kidding.

So no, we don’t really need any help with anything, but thanks for asking. And yes, we want to have you over but right now you have to wait for either (1) those chairs I mentioned, or (2) nicer weather so we can have an open house.

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