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random thoughts and quick links

May 6, 2008

I’ve decided on my first book. Marianne actually pointed out what should have been an obviously brilliant topic for my first book a couple days ago, in her final stunning act as BGFF before moving half-way across the world. (Yes, I made that up. “G” for “girl” ’cause of course my hubby is my BFF.) It’s going to be wildly successful and, I suspect, inspire a prime time teevee show. Timothy and I will then live off royalties.

A college student freed himself from an Egyptian jail via Twitter.

Bite Back is a ministry that helps students save lives in Africa. They’re friends with Compassion. They provide treated insect nets for $10.

The Mocha Club is the latest project from Threads (a young adult ministry). Becoming a member simply means you commit to donating $7/month (the cost of two mochas) for missionary work in the Sudan. $7 a month is the smallest commitment I’ve ever been asked for.

And yes, the house is still amazing. Thank you for asking. We’ll have you over soon.

Oh, and I’m turning the comments back on for now – which apparently won’t actually happen until the next post. I think I’m over myself enough to handle enabled comments, but we’ll see.

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