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cool neighbors

May 4, 2008

Mm-kay. House updates (sans pictures because I haven’t uploaded them yet).

We bought a house. We’re almost all moved in, but we just don’t have the stuff it takes to fill it. The bedroom is looking good, so if you come over I’ll show you the bedroom.

And we have amazing neighbors.

Cool Neighbor Story #1: There’s an eight year old boy who lives across the street and has been skateboarding for four years. Yes, I said an eight year old who has been skateboarding for four years. His mother confirmed those numbers.

He and his 13 year-old friend who lives a few houses down lured Timothy out into the street Wednesday evening to skate. Timothy tried to resist, but the kids pulled out ramps. They fight dirty. Before I knew what had happened, small skateboarders had emerged from all over the neighborhood. And a little kid with a bike. It was cute.

Cool Neighbor Story #2: There is a retired couple who live directly across the street. The previous owners mentioned that they often bring the garbage/recycling cans back up the driveway for them. I smiled and said something like, “Oh that’s nice” as I secretly wondered if they left their garbage cans on the curb for two days.

Wednesday is garbage day. Wednesday at lunch the garbage collectors had not yet come. Wednesday after work, Timothy was home and the garbage/recycling cans were at the top of the driveway. I assumed …

No. Later, talking to the neighbors with the kid who has been skating for half of his life span, I found out that the nice retired man across the street collected our trash receptacles for us. She saw him do it only moments after the truck turned the corner.

Cool Neighbor Story #3: It’s been rainy lately. You’ve noticed. The cool neighbor with the afore-mentioned novice knocked on our door this afternoon between drizzles. He reached beneath his hoodie and produced an 8×10 wooden picture frame.

“I took this picture yesterday and it was kinda cool so I thought you might want a copy. It actually printed out pretty well.”

The picture – in a brand new (hardware still in the plastic bag, stapled to the back) frame – was of our house yesterday after a rain shower. There is a brilliant double rainbow that seems to touch both of the top corners of our roof. He thought it was cool.

I think our neighbors are stinkin’ cool.

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