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April 7, 2008

We’re going to try this whole “closing on a house” thing again! With the same house!

The attorneys couldn’t make productive phone calls, so Timothy stopped by the house on Saturday afternoon to chat with the owners and see what’s really been going on. Is this really their decision, or is this the realtor? Do they know what their realtor is doing? Why didn’t their attorney talk to them?
It turns out everyone was a little irritated at everyone else for strange miscommunications. Timothy and Doug (owner guy) talked for a while, both got to feeling better about each other, and Doug said he’d talk to his wife and give us a call.

Doug called about an hour and a half ago. Closing is April 28th! We’re going to sign an “as is” contract for the price we agreed on initially, and they’re going to give us the cash we need to fix the concrete at closing!

I feel so much better about the thing just because we actually got to talk to the people selling the house. I know realtor’s are good and often necessary, but I think the next time we want to buy a house we’re going to stop by one afternoon and talk to the people selling it (assuming they’re living in it) first.

And I will say I’m relieved (I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for a month), but not really excited. The way you naturally develop a kind of innate urge to avoid something that hurt you in the past. I’m sure it will all work out this time since we’ve been through the inspection and we’ve talked to the sellers … it’s just this strange, irrational uneasiness. Or maybe I’m nervous because we really are about to buy a house this time. I dunno.

Regardless, save Saturday May 3rd for our closing/house-warming party!

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