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peter vs. paul

April 4, 2008

Who do you think would win in a fist fight?

Just kidding (although my money would be on Paul ’cause we know that guy can take a lickin’ and keep on … ya). I am on Peter and Paul, but the “vs.” was spontaneous and I suddenly had an image of a boxing ring … over-explaining myself. Moving on:

I’ve been reading Galatians over and over again recently. Paul writes about his – um – relationship with Peter. It seems, now a days, like we hear a lot more about Paul than Peter. Back then, though, were people like, “Paul’s the Peter to the Gentiles!” ’cause Peter was first?

The thing that really struck me was that they both had very similar, clearly defined ministries, but Paul never actually met Jesus in the flesh. Peter followed him around for three years; Paul only got knocked off his ass (pun intended!) once … by a bright light and a voice no one else could hear.

Naturally I relate more to Paul in this situation, having never met Jesus in the flesh, but what would that have been like? Maybe this is Christian Musing 101, but I’m just getting to it now and it’s amazing. I’ve fallen asleep for the past several nights thinking about Peter and Jesus.

What was it like to follow Jesus around every day, and every day wonder if today is the day we’re going to over-throw the Roman empire? What was it like to sit and eat a casual meal with Jesus? Was there ever a casual meal with Jesus? Did the action ever die down? What was that like? What was it like after Jesus calmed the storm at sea and it was just the 13 of you in a boat together? What did He smell like? How big were His feet? Did He eat fast? What do His eyes look like?

It’s hard to think about it and not fall in love.

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