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January 15, 2008

The other scar on my heart will (hopefully) continue to remind me of the dangers of pride.

2. Pride comes before a fall. Now no one involved here had become obnoxiously haughty. In fact it was so minor that I initially wondered if it was even that at all. The night before the attack Timothy and I were talking about it, though: what I’d noticed and what could be going on …

Later I caught a glimpse of what must have happened, and Timothy and I talked it over in the car. Then Sunday morning Dennis even talked about it a bit in his message.

Pride is a subtle thing. It disguises itself in so many ways, and it doesn’t take much to hurt someone.

Disobedience is motivated by pride. Disobedience springs from a heart that thinks it knows better than the authority it’s under. Disobedience assumes God is not, in fact, all-knowing, or that for some reason it is not subject to His authority in a particular situation. It’s the fruit of a heart tainted by pride, and that’s why Proverbs calls it a precursor to destruction.

It bothered me for a bit that I saw it and did nothing about it, but I’m glad now that I saw it and you can bet that next time I’ll intervene before a fall. You do the same for me. I’ve got a forest of pride in my heart that I’m trying to weed out, but if I become unusually haughty someone stop me before I fall.

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  1. KnowYourGod permalink
    January 16, 2008 3:26 pm

    Well I’m not there to observe you but I will just ask the Holy Spirit when you need a “Holy Slap” of humility :)

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