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just another day

December 10, 2007

It was a cold, icy evening and despite Timothy’s valiant efforts, there wasn’t a copy of At World’s End for rent anywhere in the Algonquin area. Defeated by a legion of more ambitious movie-renters, he went home to begin crafting the culinary masterpiece du jour.

Sam and Lex approached Blockbuster with confident caution.

“Didn’t Timothy already try this one?”

“Ya, but I’ll bet he didn’t pray.”

Lex throws caution to the wind and both hands in the air as she petitions heaven for favor. Sam’s eyes lock on the temporarily abandoned steering wheel, as if by sheer will power holding it steady.

“I’ll cover you,” Sam advises.

“If I’m not back in 15 minutes come around the back way …”

Safely inside, Lex scans the New Release wall. N’s … O’s … R’s … back up. Only #2 on the wall. Why? Why? Oh … there’s a section designated for #3 – far away from the P-section. “Whose idea was that?” she wonders sarcastically. “How did you not see the big, cardboard banners?” she answers herself.

Data processing begins as she stares at the small section of shelves trying to discern where the rent-able ones go, which are strictly for sale, and which are #2 in the #3 section because it’s Shopping Season. Satisfied that the rent-able #3 shelves are void of all hope, she files through the rent-able #2’s with lightning speed and feline agility. Nothing.

Undiscouraged, she sets her sights on the front counter. As she approaches, the line comes into view and discouragement knocks gently on her heart. Mais non …

She waits. Someone at the counter is apparently trying to order a cheeseburger at the video store. Nothing else could take so long. Finally, she’s next in line. The moment of truth draws near and all she can hear is the crescendo of her heartbeat in her ears.

Trying as best she can to appear calm and at ease, she notices a man walk in the front door and directly to the counter. The intruder interrupts the adolescent employee taking care of another customer and his request carries on the wind, “Do you have a copy of Pirates?”

The accelerating pace of her pulse jerks to a halt as she waits, breath trapped in her constricted chest, for the pimple’s reply. Casually, as if finally released of the burden of it, he reaches to the counter just beneath him and hands the betrayer a copy. With a thump, her heart cracks and her chest draws a sharp, final breath.

Victorious and unemotional, the man proceeds to the end of the line she so patiently endured only to be mutinied. When her gaze fails to set his body aflame, she drops it to the floor and – finally – exhales, “Shut … up.”

With a deep breath, she lifts her head. Cracked, but not broken – hard pressed, but not crushed – she holds fast to the hope within her as she approaches the counter with fresh dignity.

“Do you have a question?” the young man asks, as though he didn’t know … as though he weren’t a part of the conspiracy.

“Do you have any At World’s End in?” He pauses his gaze on her face as though she must be joking.

“I doubt it,” he mumbles as he begins the obligatory search. One stack … no … she gaps for a fresh breath to hold onto … a second stack … no … beads of sweat begin to form on her brow … the opposite counter … no … she’s sure the whole store can hear her heart pounding … he asks Acne, who casually replies with shake of his head as if he didn’t know that he’d just given away the very one destined for her to an impatient line-cutter!

With casual despair in his eyes, the conspirator returns to the counter to tell her no, that her long suffering was all in vain.

Just then, a glimmer of destiny flashes through the air. At the very moment that the messenger thinks to mumble a silent prayer that the princess will be merciful, his salvation is scooped from the bottom of the return bin and held triumphantly before him. He plucks it from the air and places it casually on the counter. “Is that all for you?”

“Yes,” she replies sweetly as she quietly re-sheaths her vengeance, “thank you.”

9 Comments leave one →
  1. The Academy Against Apathy permalink
    December 10, 2007 4:21 pm

    by the way, did you return that?
    I hope that’s going into your next zine. Miss “I can’t write short stories” I LOLED at it.

  2. Lex permalink
    December 10, 2007 5:47 pm

    Nope, but it’s due today. I hadn’t thought of the zine (which I need to finish this month – are you writing/drawing me something?), but that’s a good idea.

  3. The Academy Against Apathy permalink
    December 10, 2007 6:18 pm

    I could sketch or design sumpin for you.

  4. jeffie permalink
    December 10, 2007 7:30 pm

    Lex, I don’t know how many times we have all relayed to you the God-Gifted talent you have for the written word but seriously it will make way for you and set you before kings :) funny story and you should zine it.

  5. I Ravish His Heart permalink
    December 10, 2007 10:00 pm

    Yeah, I gotta agree with Jeffie. You have an amazing talent at writing. JTLYK (just to let you know – I made that up) I posted a new post on blogger in about 5 months (not really). I guess I will see you later cuz Tim and you are coming over for some sweet Planet Earth.

  6. Nate permalink
    December 10, 2007 11:47 pm

    Oh… my… goodness. Could not agree with Jeffie any more. I was drained from work… ready to finally shut down the computer when something told me to check the feed reader. A couple posts about nothing, news stories about people suffering around the world, but nothing to keep my attention.

    But alas, one post from Lex. Some of those are convicting. Don’t want that now. Too tired. But sometimes they’re just entertaining… yes, I have time for entertainment.

    And the post did not fail! Packed with hope, passion, tragedy, despair, jealousy, rage, anguish, Bockbuster, the post grabbed my attention and would not let go, like the jaws of a frightened animal that refused to release the vets fingers because it knew that once it did his head was going to be shaved to make way for the ear surgery.

    I finish it only to find disappointment. Disappointment that it is over, and I am left with nothing but the mundane world until another post from Lex finds its way out of her complicated life and into our otherwise simple circle of not-inspired-by-Lex blogs.

  7. Tami permalink
    December 11, 2007 5:03 am

    heh. “mais noonnn.”

  8. Lex permalink
    December 11, 2007 3:51 pm

    Pile on the pressure, Nate. :)

  9. Nate permalink
    December 11, 2007 3:58 pm

    No pressure at all! It’s just important that you understand the place you have in our lives…

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