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monday mornings should be illegal

November 19, 2007


But the weekend was good. Updates:

Friday night we learned that we’re going to have to do some teaching before we try to pull off another worship night. Praise God.

Saturday, Timothy and Connor tried to get up and go to the men’s breakfast (Connor’s third bed is our couch – no, we have not officially adopted him), but couldn’t … because there was no men’s breakfast. We went to the original Reese’s in Algonquin and got free food because the Lord knows that the way to Timothy’s heart is through his stomach and He’s playing that card lately.

Note: The Original Reese’s makes the best (home-made) gravy outside of Kirksville, MO but they only serve biscuits and gravy on Fridays (unless you’re with Timothy) so get over there on a Friday.

Then Timothy and I found a house we like. We’re sure it’s the one because it’s the only house we’ve been able to agree on, and because the metal frame on the front screen door has a “W” on it. Of course it’s on about an acre and a half with a really crummy-looking apartment building and the owner wants an obscene amount of money for it. We plan to take a walk through, offer him less than half of his asking price (although honestly what the building is worth), and wait for the fear of the Lord to fall on him in his sleep.

We took the cute Krauss family to the airport and decided to hang out with each other (two weekends in a row!) for the remainder of the evening. We wandered around Woodfield mall, which is sinister fun this time of year – meandering through crowds of stressed-out, in-a-hurry people, and left with a deal of a winter coat for me, a deal of a thermal for Timothy, a cute lamp for the office, and inspiration for art projects.

Then we drove across the street and had more sinister-meandering-fun at IKEA while daydreaming about kitchens in some home we will somehow own some day.

Back home, we moved our no-Thanksgiving vacation from New York to the Ozarks in Arkansas (pronounced: ar-KANSAS). You just can’t beat the Super 8 for really cheap hotel rooms. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting out of town.

Sunday was a really nice manager at Chipotle (visit the new location on 31 across from Springhill Mall!) who contributed to the Lord’s Free-Food-for-Timothy campaign, a really good brainstorming session with our youth leaders (although I suspect and hope that even more brainstorming is going on now because of the meeting), the visit to NIMC to meet the newest DeLaughter (I have pictures, of course, but not with me), and a malfunctioning sewing machine that even my mother couldn’t diagnose.

And now it’s Monday morning. Allow me to reiterate: Ugh. The past four hours have been redeemed, however, by the discovery of a free IHOP book called Angels of Humility by Jackie Macgirvin. Mike Bickle seems to think, “If you’re an intercessor or have a desire to be one, this book is for you.” I say just about any book (of appropriate content) that I can download for free is for me.

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  1. jen permalink
    November 20, 2007 4:41 am

    yeah, maybe Monday morning should be illegal. But this was definitely one of the best Monday nights I’ve had in a while!

  2. Lex permalink
    November 20, 2007 2:39 pm

    Agreed. :)

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