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my spaghetti-os are too hot

November 6, 2007

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I thought I was going to be in a wireless zone last night so I was waiting (because I have pictures I want to show you), but I never got there. Today’s not the day either. Check back tomorrow. Tomorrow’s looking good for photo uploads.

Because last night Timothy and I cancelled some plans, pushed off some to-dos, and got ditched by an old friend to go out together. I felt so … dangerous: driving all the way to Crystal Lake to EAT OUT. It’s true. We’re crazy.

Because we battened down the hatches a couple months ago to start aggressively paying off some debt (nothing huge – we only have two car payments and my college loans to go). It’s meant spending next to zero of our “disposable” income, and getting stressed out when we did. It’s good to be on a budget, but too much budget is bad for a relationship. We got soup and sandwiches with a side of nostalgia at Around the Clock, and talked about Switch.

Because every one of my spare brain cells for the past week or two has dedicated itself to the youth ministry. They’re not even asking my permission, they’re just following each other in that direction. Lemming brain cells. The Lord has, I think/hope, been encouraging said lemming brain cells, and I took two pages of notes yesterday. Inspiration is coming out of thin air. I’ve got ideas. I’m excited. I need to get some meetings scheduled soon. I’m afraid if I don’t start getting approval stamps and delegating vision we’ll come to the cliff’s edge too soon.

Okay. My spaghetti-o’s are becoming cool enough to eat without peeling skin from the roof of my mouth, so I’ll leave you with that. Happy day.

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  1. jeffie permalink
    November 8, 2007 3:11 pm

    i think its super cool that you both are so dedicated to the youth ministry and that you still eat spaghettio’s :)

  2. The Academy Against Apathy permalink
    November 8, 2007 5:59 pm

    pffft, she eats Spaghettio’s, I’m more of a Beef Ravioli Minister of the Word. I miss you Jeffie. Come home soon.

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