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September 26, 2007

Pastor Conrad Lowe spoke at the closing session of our conference yesterday. It was the perfect way to close out a day dedicated to the process of building a ministry facility, and a message that every church leader needs to hear once in a while.

He talked about building the Church in and through the process of constructing a church building. He mentioned three, in order, that a ministry leader – namely pastors – need to build:

1. The Church in your heart
2. The Church in your home
3. The Church in your community

He insisted on prioritizing them and repeated the order over and over again. Two comments that really stuck out about this:

– He described standing in front of a congregation at a worship service and knowing that your family in the front row knows what kind of Christian you are because they see you live it day after day.

– “How can you build the Church in your community if you can’t keep your family together?”

Some of the more technical, possibly less inspiring, notes from the day will be blogged here througout the week.

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