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September 12, 2007

I’m completely wired right now because I had two cups of coffee on a completely empty stomach. An all-I’ve-eaten-in-the-past-24-hours-is-a-slice-of-pizza empty stomach. Yowza.

I’ve been running into a bunch of good blogs lately, and I’m just too intimidated (and I have a lot to do otherwise) to post on my own right now, so I’m going to link instead. Pardon the run-on sentence.

Pastor Craig Groeschel has a great blog called Swerve. Craig pastors and I like his blog more and more every time I read it. He does some great series’. Right now he’s on three of five things to give up so you can “go up.” Good stuff for church leadership types … which is most of you.

Church Marketing Sucks is one of my favorite blogs too. Guest blogger David Zimmerman started a series yesterday called Church from a Visitor’s Perspective. Yesterday was one of nine; I’m looking forward to that one too.

They also run a Church Marketing Lab on Flickr, where people post images of what they’re working on for their next sermon series/summer outreach shirts/etc. and people suggest and encourage. It’s pretty cool, and very inspiring.

And just this morning I found It’s a blog dedicated to “using technology to mulitply the church’s impact.” Some of it is conceptual, some of it is completely practical. It’s good. If you know any pastors that need to be drop-kicked into the 21st century, you might avoid drop-kicking them because that’s not nice and send them this link. I don’t know any myself, but I know they’re out there.

I need to go find something to put in my stomach.

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