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into the fray

September 6, 2007

This was published in May by InterVaristy Press. Has anyone heard of this?

I admit, when I saw it I cringed. This kind of debate makes me restless, because I don’t really see the point. (Which is strange anyway, because I’m very argumentative by nature.) Faith comes by hearing, right? And hearing by the word of God, so it’s not leading people to Christ. I understand the threat one could argue it poses to Christianity, but many will be deceived, “if possible, even the elect.” Weak, un-rooted faith will eventually be uprooted. Maybe that’s pessimistic, but …

Anyway I cringed when I saw this, but then I read a little about the author, “Alister McGrath … [is] ideal to evaluate Dawkin’s ideas. Once an atheist himself, he gained a doctorate in molecular biophysics before going on to become a leading Christian theologian.” (Then I cringed again when I watched the interview with Alister on a Canadian teevee show. “Leading Christian theologian” might be generous – or misleading. He’s not a man of great faith.)

Then I read some of the reviews:

“Addressing the conclusions of The God Delusion point by point with the devastating insight of a molecular biologist turned theologian, Alister McGrath dismantles the argument that science should lead to atheism, and demonstrates instead that Dawkins has abandoned his much-cherished rationality to embrace an embittered manifesto of dogmatic atheist fundamentalism.”
– Francis Collins, Director of the Human Genome Project

The God Delusion makes me embarassed to be an atheist, and the McGraths show why.”
– Michael Ruse, Professor of Philosphy and Director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science Florida State University

I admit I’m interested, but still too afraid to throw my heart into the debate. Just reading these reviews I can feel my old nature trying to gain a foothold: it’s Us verses Them, it’s about being Right, Dawkins is your enemy. I have to remember Love, remember I “do not wrestle against flesh and blood,” and remember to pray for Dawkins. I was once an embittered, insecure atheist too.
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