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bye, Jen

July 31, 2007

The youth leaders said official goodbyes to Jen last night. She’s not leaving for a couple more weeks, but those of us going to India won’t see her again. Someone leaving (until eternity or just October), usually inspires people to expand their visions of the relationship. I discovered two things on the way home last night:

1. Jen and I took far too long to become friends in the first place.
2. Jen is leaps and bounds from where she was when we met her just a few months ago.

‘Cause I remember when Jen first came to Switch, shy and at least a little uncomfortable in herself. Not at all the confident, bold young woman of God who will soon be heading back to start revival on a college campus in Michigan. It’s amazing what the Holy Spirit can do with a willing heart in such a short time.

There are pictures of that too that I occationally day dream about getting posted before I leave, but it’s not a realistic day dream. My schedule for the next three days is thus:

Today after work: Clean the apartment and dinner with a friend (because who knows where in the world this girl will be in two weeks) … at the India Curry House.

Wednesday after work: Purchase everything that I personally need for this trip, and that our team as a whole still needs. Conduct two more hours of missionary training. Finish cleaning the apartment.

Thursday after work: Finish everything that’s not done yet, which hopefully does not include cleaning the apartment. Laundry and pack.

Tada! Pray for me.

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  1. jen permalink
    August 2, 2007 2:50 pm

    Thanks Lex. =)

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