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don’t accept Jesus

July 30, 2007

We had missions training all weekend, and I am tired. I think if I ever co-lead a missions trip again, I’m taking the week before the trip off too.

Yesterday we did a lot of role playing to get our missionaries more accustomed to engaging someone of a totally different culture in a conversation. And then moving that conversation toward Jesus. They were in pairs or small groups, practicing the gospel on each other, and I stopped two of them to explain something that’s been on my heart for a few months now.

Don’t tell someone they need to accept Jesus.

Webster defines “accept” as (1) to receive, (2) to give approval to, (3) to endure without protest or reaction, (4) to make a favorable response to, etc.

That’s weak sauce. That makes me think all I have to do is give Jesus a hug and everything will be okay. Or that I just have to nod at the idea that Jesus is who He is, and He’ll bless me. I just have to endure Him without protest. God’s heart is overcome with one look of our eye, and we, in turn, endure Him?

Jesus tells his disciples to take up a cross. To repent. Be renewed. Die daily. Give everything. To be reborn.

There’s a degree of “accepting” in there, but I wonder what kind of “Christians” we’re creating (all over the world) when we’re satisfied that someone has prayed a prayer and comes to church three Sundays a month. Are we “mak(ing) disciples,” or backsliders?

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  1. Tami permalink
    July 30, 2007 9:47 pm

    super weak sauce. right on, lex. we don’t need to accept him…we just plain NEED him.

  2. KnowYourGod permalink
    July 31, 2007 12:42 am

    I heard one preacher say the Lord convicted him about giving an invitation to accept Christ, b/c it is Not an invitation but a mandate,an ultimatum “Here I am Lord of all bow or perish in judgement” I love you so I sent my Son, but if you fail to heed this command you will spend eternity in torment” One does not simply accept Christ but we commit our Whole life to Him as He did for us. uber weak sauce :)

  3. Life As We See It permalink
    July 31, 2007 3:19 am

    Yep, that is what they preach at TM and I totally agree with it. I think we’ve slipped into accepted (ha ha, get it?) Christian-lingo when we say that. Jesus preached “repent” not “accept”.

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