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July 9, 2007

A lot has happened over the past 40 days.

Everyone that wasn’t blogging 40 days ago is blogging now. Mike and Loretta Ingham both entered the blogosphere, as well as Jillian. Marianne started blogging and then quit because China blocks Blogger; she started a Google Page instead. Bianca started one as well, which does not – for the record – make up for her moving to South Carolina.

I discovered an amazing pro-life ministry called Abort 73. I’ve never seen a website with so much information about abortion. As soon as I can put $14 together, I’ll be investing in a t-shirt for sure.

Stop Consuming is a group trying to raise awareness within western Christendom of the gross excess our society continues to gorge itself on. This is one of the many social issues that the Church has shamefully handed over to liberal politics, so I appreciate their trying to take it back.

Relevant Magazine has spun off a women’s magazine called Radiant that’s pretty stinkin’ savvy. It’s a Christian women’s magazine that actually has some style. There are all kinds of web-only bonuses, like an interview with Joyce Meyers.

Mars Hill Church is not new, but they’re new to me. Pastor Mark Driscoll preaches the Bible, straight and unapologetically, to young people in post-grunge Seattle. This church was started in the mid-1990’s, has grown by 60% each year since then, and has never spent a dime on advertising. They’re known in Seattle as “the punk rock church.” There’s video on the website; I like it a lot.

The Esther Project #4 is out … because I had time to write. If you haven’t gotten one yet, post a comment in the vein of, “Girl, why ain’t I got no EP?” I’ll correct your grammar and send one along.

I watched The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, which was very stressful. I’m kind of a dork, though, in that I really want to read a good biography now so I know better what was real and what was cinematic. If anyone can make a recommendation (because there are several to chose from), I would appreciate it.

Don and Lauree Reed have a cute baby, and I have bragging rights because I got to hold him first. Nah nah na na nah. Taylor:

There are better things to write on. Revelation and powerful happenings, but right now my body is very sore and my head is a little cloudy. Check back with me tomorrow afternoon for better content.
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  1. Tim permalink
    July 14, 2007 4:16 pm

    Lex, I had absolutely no idea that they were going to have a baby. Do you think you could extend an enthusiastic thumbs up to both of them, and possibly pat Don on the shoulder? Then could you let them know that I will pray for them, but not in a fake, “I’m saying that because it is what Christians say to end a conversation and give the appearance of care” but in a real, “I honestly will lift up your family in prayer, and pray specifically for the LORD to put His angels around Taylor to keep and protect him. For GOD’s Spirit of humility to rest upon this child from the depths of his spirit, pour into his soul, that grace may abound to this humble example of dependence and clinging to our GOD” sort of way.

    I will also be praying for you while you’re on your missions trip in Indiana. Don’t get too stressed out by all the corn, and don’t forget to buy fireworks on the way home.

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