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stream of consciousness

May 9, 2007

I think “stream of consciousness” is a nice way of saying, “you have no skill for writing.” Which is fine, because I’m tired right now and confident I have little skill for much of anything.

There’s this boredom that’s beginning to weigh on my heart. I can feel it – like a lump of lead in my chest cavity anchoring me to the same boring state day after day. One can only float dockside for so long before something has to give. Has to. Just because all the world would be unbearably unjust if something didn’t. You say the world may, in fact, be unbearably unjust. It can’t. Something has to, and it’s probably me.

Timothy posted about an interesting conversation he had yesterday.

And Bound4Life is redoing their website. Not much is up, but you can get spiffy wallpaper for that thing you’re staring at right now.

Something has to. I’ve heard romantics talk about that restlessness that comes just before a breakthrough. That’d be nice, but I don’t know if I’d call it a guarantee. It’s probably me.

There must be more than this, O breath of God come breathe within.

Dwayne Roberts … I mean Randy Bohlender has re-entered the blogosphere.

I’m losing serious blogger-points for this.

And this is cool:

That’s 65,000 very small cigarettes. Because 65,000 American teenagers under the age of 18 get addicted to cigarettes every month. Chris Jordan is his name. There’s zooms on his website, and more statistics in art form.

Maybe I need a vacation. Maybe I need more prayer time. Maybe I need to slip under the radar somehow. Maybe I need to stop running to Ask A Ninja and clever art exhibits when my spirit begins to cry out.

85 days until India.

Oh, and no one answered my question about the disciples praying for Peter with all their unbelief, so I’m sticking with Rhoda. Childlike faith in a room full of doubting upcoming-apostles can free a man from prison. Maybe I need Rhoda.

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