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steve got my email

May 3, 2007

That’s right: I send Steve Jobs an email and he pays attention. Maybe not, but I got in on that issue at the right time. The same day I sent my email about a Greener Apple, the company posts an official reply.

Of course it’s not everything, but it’s a good start … oh and it stinks of bitterness, but as long as they get the job done I guess they don’t have to like it.

It is generally not Apple’s policy to trumpet our plans for the future; we tend to talk about the things we have just accomplished. Unfortunately this policy has left our customers, shareholders, employees and the industry in the dark about Apple’s desires and plans to become greener.

Ya. Welcome to the digital world, guys, where company secrets = company silence = company’s disinterest in her market. Consumers don’t like to be ignored or treated like children on a need-to-know basis. I realize I probaly sound bitter now, but that’s just weak, “Oh we’re working on it, we just didn’t want to tell you until we’re all done.” Please.

BUT they’re changing their policies. The plan is to completely phase out PVC by 2008, which is way ahead of other companies that plan to phase it out by 2009 (and way, way ahead of HP, who plans to release a plan for eliminating PVCs by the end of this year). Their recycling policy is improving … if you’re living in the U.S. Accoridng to Greenpeace’s study, Apple is not making similar recycling promises to the rest of the world.

So there you go. Mac lovers everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. Oh, and if anyone else has any social or environmental causes on your heart – let me know and I’ll send someone important an email.

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  1. davidlramsey permalink
    May 5, 2007 5:14 am

    Apples just work better and taste good too, so why not everyone eat apples gentile, heathen, and jew

  2. Tami permalink
    May 7, 2007 2:59 am

    that was a splendid little poem.

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