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tips from the man

April 13, 2007
I found notes from Mark Driscoll‘s, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, presentation at Resurgence last autumn. I like Mars Hill. He gives 10 cautions and encouragements for preachers. I know we have some budding preachers in our virtual midst, so some of my favorites are below, with abbreviated notes – the rest is here:

4. Study the stand-up comics. Stand-up comedy and preaching are the only two mediums I can think of in which someone walks onto a stage to talk for a long time to a large crowd.

7. Preach Jesus. Jesus should be the hero of every sermon, the answer to every question, and the hope for every person.

9. Give your sermons away. The web is the new front door and many people will visit your church through your website long before they attend a church event.

10. After you’ve preached, let it go and sleep like a Calvinist. Passion, courage, and boldness are keys to preaching that simply cannot exist in someone who is too analytical or critical of themselves.
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  1. I Ravish His Heart permalink
    April 13, 2007 3:02 pm

    I like those tips. they are really good.

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