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March 15, 2007

I am just not feelin’ Faith Week. I’m excited. I’m having a great time. Faith Week is my favorite time of year, but, for instance, worship the past few nights (for me) has been sub-par an average Sunday morning. I’m not feelin’ it.

So I sat down to talk to Holy Spirit about it yesterday and had one of those conversations that you sometimes have with the Lord wherein you hear what you’re saying and wonder how it sounded good in your head. It was childish, I admit. It went something like, “I don’t really feel Your presence during worship … I mean I know You’re there because You say You’re there and You’re Truth, but I don’t feel it … and I know it’s not about feelings, but it’s nice when feeling is a part … okay I’ll shut up now. Do you know what I mean, though? I haven’t felt Your presence or power once in four wonderful nights … What’s the deal?” Do you know what He said to me? Of course you don’t, but I’ll tell you: You focus on the Word.

And I sighed and said, “Okay.” Because it wasn’t so much a harsh instruction as it was a promise.

Then I wondered if part of it isn’t just that we have a great pastor, so my expectation for serious God-encounter goes up because my average in-church God-encounter is relatively amazing anyway. I’m still wondering on that.

Secondary thoughts:
I really like listening to Brian Zahnd. We could have Faith Week every spring, and then a Brian Zahnd week in the fall or something – I’d be down for that. Of course, every week can be Brian Zahnd week if you get to the WOLC website, but he really is good in person too – very energetic. I like it when I’m asked to think.

We went out with Gracie last night, and I absolutely cannot take anymore Steak ‘n Shake. Don’t even bring it up – I won’t go. I wish I had a picture of Gracie right now to post, but I don’t.

AND we’re getting quite a crew together for the drama on Saturday. If you were only going to come out for one night of Faith Week (you’d be silly, but) you should make it Saturday night. The youth/missions drama is going to be awesome. Oh, and there’s some Jay guy speaking who I guess is alright too.

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  1. I Ravish His Heart permalink
    March 19, 2007 5:59 pm

    Jay… alright…. UGHH!!! The presence was there those nights and it was awesome! i mean it was AWE-INSPIRING

  2. tami permalink
    March 21, 2007 4:59 am

    how was the rest of the week for you? it’s a good thing we don’t walk by feelings, huh? otherwise we’d really be messed up. praise God. :)

  3. Lex permalink
    March 22, 2007 7:50 pm

    The rest of the week was the same, and it was good.

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