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March 9, 2007

I was set free this afternoon – dually.

There was this situation that I’d been praying about being free from. Freedom at a certain point was guaranteed, but I was really petitioning the Lord to perhaps speed it up if it was alright with Him. It happened this afternoon … but not any of the myriad of ways I’d daydreamed about, and rather than the waves of relief I expected to feel at that moment, I got a little offended.

So I was talking to the Lord about it while I mopped my kitchen floor. The dialogue went something like this:

HS: Well, you wanted to be free of it, didn’t you? And isn’t this perfect timing?
me: Ya, but I didn’t want it to happen that way.
HS: Why not?
HS: Because it made you look bad in the eyes of men?

Oh ya. Hmm. So I’m good now. Free and loving it.

And, you know – as a little PS, here – what a good God that even in the process of a little answered prayer, He gives us avenue to grow.

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