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March 8, 2007
2.5 days until Faith Week!! You should be excited.

I don’t have a lot of time to chat, but I wanted to tell you to read this. Brian Zahnd just got back from Russia, evidently, and has a cool story to share (and lots of pictures) on his blog. I recommend clicking on the links in the story to get the pictures along the way – ’cause when was the last time you read a good story with pictures?

People say … if you ignored the link just there to go to Brian’s blog, go back and read it first … that it’s a small world, (seriously, if you’re reading this and you haven’t clicked the above link you’re missing out) but I think it’s actually very big. That’s my revelation for you today: the world, contrary to popular opinion and the occational theme park ride, is actually quite large.

I don’t know anything about the Church in Russia.

Or Bulgaria. I went to lunch today with some people from my new office; one is married to a woman from Bulgaria and he was telling us all about the missionary work they support and their plans to eventually move there to help full time … Bulgaria for goodness’ sake. I couldn’t even point out Bulgaria on map (now I can because I looked it up for that link, but 30 seconds ago forget about it).

(Also noteworthy is that B.Z. will be speaking at Faith Week on Tuesday and Wednesday the 13th and 14th, respectively. You need to be there.)
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