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back from the weekend

February 12, 2007

Mondays are extra irritating when the weekends are so packed full of the Holy Spirit. I know He’s here in my office but don’t try to tell me its the same – because I’ll tell you that you probably missed church this Sunday. But let’s back up …

Friday night was record-awesome. Over 40 teenagers showed up for our youth ministry service, and yet another one surrendered her life to Jesus. It’s interesting (and many times frustrating) to watch the spiritual walks of a group of teenagers. Some are running forward, some kind of sprint and then get tired, others are crawling as though the floor is unsteady, some stand still and wave to people as they pass, still others can’t seem to decide which was is forward. The best is when one of them suddenly breaks into a sprint, but recently a couple of the runners seem to be looking around funny. Just keep praying for them … and for the youth leaders. We need it.

Saturday I drove to WHEATON and back to accompany a young trumpet player. Wheaton. That took way too long. I was starting to get frustrated at slow/bad drivers, red lights every 1.5 miles, zero parking availability, and being lost in an elementary school that was so crowded with pre-pubescent musicians it stank a little like a locker room. Just as I was about to lose it a still, small voice reminded me that I didn’t really have any claim on my time anyway. Ouch. “Whose life is this, again, Mine or yours? If it’s Mine, why are you so upset about you?” That ended that.

Saturday evening was spent putting together packets for the youth missions trip meeting Sunday, and watching Luther. I’m getting through Here I Stand right now, so the movie was a good reinforcement of what I’m learning. As far as I am in the book, the movie was pretty darn accurate, which never happens. I recommend both. My wonderful husband, Timothy, showed up a little later for the last half of the movie and some spaghetti. Being that we were working on missions stuff, I guess, he stopped off at some Indian grocer near our apartment and got three bottles of Thum’s Up. Where ever I am Thum’s Up (no, there’s no B) will always taste like a dirty road side stop in India. Mmmm.

Church on Sunday morning was better than ever. Worship didn’t want to end, which was okay with everyone. Holy Spirit wanted an alter call just then, and pastor obliged. I love it when that happens. There are mornings when it seems like the people who are really searching for God find His presence, and then there are these Sunday mornings where you’d have to be dead to not recognize His presence. And if you were dead, you probably wouldn’t be for long. The worship team had a rather slap-happy time of steadying hands and regaining strength in the legs in the green room. Glory to glory – I expect even more next Sunday.

And the missions meeting was a success. We fed them, motivated them, equipped them, encouraged them, informed them, and assuaged the fears of their parents. Ta-da!

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