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Christmas Carols

December 15, 2006

December is just insane. Stop for a minute and look around (if you can do so without being mowed over) and it’s craziness. I actually skipped the midweek service two days ago to pray and just spend time alone with my God.

I also took the liberty of making myself a Christmas CD. The Christmas radio stations just don’t cut it for me; I get bored with the secular songs (which is half of the songs). I’m not trying to sound uber-spiritual, but it’s true. If Jingle Bells gets you feeling jolly, then go with it, but to me it’s just like any other song that’s not about Jesus. Pointless.

I found some good stuff in the process, though. So if you’re looking for Nativity music try these:

Christmas with Johnny Cash. I put “The Gifts They Gave” on my mix. Johnny Cash is just a great story teller. If you missed out on having a grandfather, get some Johnny Cash.

These guys have more soul in their little fingers … and the harmonies are wonderful. I used Away in a Manger on my CD and I don’t even like that song. This is a Christmas album, and if you really think about the title it makes sense.

Etta James. There are some secular songs on this album, I just used Silent Night. This woman’s voice is amazing. All I want for Christmas is to be able to sing like Etta James.

Also noteworthy will be Hillsong’s Celebrating Christmas. It’s older Hillsong stuff, which I don’t especailly dig, but O Rejoice is a beautiful song. Maybe just get on iTunes and spend a dollar on that one.

Ella Fitzgerald’s Christmas is another must-have. Not to be confused with Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas. The former is about Jesus, the later is about snow.

Finally, a little plug for Unexpected Gifts. It’s a comp featuring most of the radio-familiar Christian artists, but I found it via ZOEgirl’s drum machine dance beat version of What Child is This?

If there’s something really good that I’m missing, please let me know. Jeffy, any Christmas rap we should know about?

Oh wait. Speaking of iTunes … If you’re in the office and looking to stream some Christmas tunes search for Mountain Apple Company. It’s free and it’s Hawaiian Christmas Music. I kid you not. I’m listening to O Holy Night with a uke right now.

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