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December 7, 2006

Do you ever feel like you just cannot go on? Or that maybe you shouldn’t? Or maybe you should go on, just not the same way you’re going now … Or maybe that’s an escapism and you’re just dealing with a willing spirit and weak flesh (Matt 26:41).

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything you can (and maybe too much because you’re so tired that your daydreams go from Rome to one day alone in your apartment and seem just as wonderful), but doing nothing at the same time? How is that possible? It can’t be because you’re doing the wrong things because you have to pay rent somehow, and be faithful with little.

At the same time, have you ever just wanted to voluntarily and knowingly slip into compromise? I did a pretty good job yesterday using the wilderness temptation strategy (quote scripture at the devil), but its just all around you. Even at church, let’s not kid ourselves.

Have you ever strayed so far from God that you were embarassed to come back? The story of the prodigal son can be your favorite metaphor in the Bible, but it doesn’t make it easier. It makes it possible, but not easy. To even come back as a servant, knowing that He’ll make you a son again … Have you ever wanted to take a moment to weep at his feet for being so good and so merciful — and had to wait until your lunch break to do it?

Have you ever really had a revelation of strength in your weakness? Do we focus more on “I am strong,” or the prerequisite, “I am weak?” Have you ever really reconsiled yourself to being weak?

weak [week] -adjective
1. not strong; liable to yield; fragile; frail
2. lacking in bodily strength of healthy vigor, as from age or sickness
3. not having much political strength, governing power, or authority
4. lacking in force, potency, or efficacy
5. lacking in rhetorical or creative force or effectiveness
6. lacking in logical or legal force or soundness
7. deficient in mental power, intelligence, or judgment
8. deficient in amount, intensity
9. deficient in the essential or usual properties

When I admit I can do nothing in my own strenth – nothing that matters, nothing eternal – He becomes strong through my life by faith. I have to first accept that I’m weak, and stop trying to do it on my own. Ready, set, stop.

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