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November 28, 2006

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s see how quickly I can catch you up:

We spent some quality time with Jeff and Bianca. Mini-Bianca has a new trick:

Timothy’s twin brother Joe announced at Thanksgiving that he’s getting married. Congratulations, Joe.

We adopted a new bass amp. The thing’s a beast. “Bought” doesn’t really do it justice. One review we read complimented its durability by proposing that if you drop the thing out of a 4th story window it’ll crack the sidewalk.

I was thinking of all the things we could use it for around the apartment:
> Coffee table
> Kitchen chair
> Computer table
This is me and amp bonding:

Other than that we’re back to work and trying not to think about it. Christmas is coming and I’m trying to convince Timothy that Christmas trees aren’t pagan anymore because I went out with my parents to get their tree and fell in love with every little, half-bare, crooked, “Charlie Brown Christmas tree” in the lot. Due to droughts in recent summers past, there were several.

Oh, and Graham Jones is in the house. He brought his family all the way from France this time, and his small children wanted to know yesterday why everyone was speaking English. Talk about jet lag. Ha. Graham’s awesome: if you’re in the northern Chicago land area you’re going to want to be at Church in the Word on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.!

And I’m done. Perhaps there will be more substance tomorrow.

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