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no compromise

October 26, 2006

The message that I think the Lord is trying to move deep into my spirit in this season is “no compromise.” It’s everywhere I go – subtly sometimes, but that’s how He is – and it’s working … and I’m trying really hard to let it work, because my flesh really likes little compromises.

A couple weeks ago Pastor talked about Agag, and the things the Lord asks of us that we 98% do. When he tells us to “utterly destroy” something – in Saul’s case, and we destroy most of it.

I just finished 2 Kings, and by the time I got to Josiah I was so stinkin’ relieved to finally find someone who “did what was right in the sight of the Lord.” It’s exhausting to flip through page after page of wicked kings; I was disgusted at compromise without anyone preaching it to me. The interesting thing about Josiah is that even though he turned to the Lord with all his heart and soul, and did not compromise any of the high places, etc., God still judged that land (after Josiah’s death) because of the sins of previous kings. 2 Kings 24:4 actually says that it was in part because of the innocent blood shed that the Lord “would not pardon.”

Last night Jeff spoke at our midweek service (as Pastor is still asisting in revival in Nepal). He talked about sacrifice and building an alter via Abraham and Issac. Jeff pointed out that God told Abraham to offer Issac (“Issac” means “laughter,” so God was literally asking Abraham to offer up his joy) as a burnt offering, and what I did not know was that the burnt offering was the one kind of offering (of five) that consumed everything. The other offerings left a little grain, or a little meat, for the priests’ provision, but a burnt offering consumes everything.

It’s taking hold of me. Just yesterday I overheard a conversation in the office (it’s a tiny office) about someone not readily accepting a new family member because of her occult background. A comment that was made was, “I think I’m pretty religious, but you have to be open to other things.” I didn’t say anything because I hesitated too long trying to decide if the best response would be a passionate (read: angry), “Why?!” or a sarcastic, “You say that like it’s a contradiction. Most people who are bound by religion are open to all kinds of things.”

I get the feeling I’m not becoming a girl that people are going to enjoy (until they need Jesus to heal them or save them or something). I hope, anyway. Because Jesus was a nice guy (ultimately), but a lot of people didn’t like Him because He refused to compromise. Paul was a nice guy that people didn’t like. David embarassed his wife dancing before the Ark of the Covenant, and on it goes. Who’s coming with me?

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