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Not in Kansas …

October 12, 2006

Do you ever just stop sometimes and look around and think, “Cool … wait, when did I get here?”

I just adore the way God works. We ask for things – we ask Him to do things in us, proceed to whine about it because we think He’s not doing it, and then one day its just done and we think, “Man, I didn’t see that coming.”

So often I think we go through life just doing life with our eyes locked ahead of us. We live like we drive (unless you drive like my husband, because I swear he looks out the side windows more than he does the windsheild): drop our eyes to the pavement just beneath us every so often to make sure there’s no new obstical, scan the sides of the road anticipating some small animal or child less aware of its surroundings, and mostly stare straight ahead until something forces us to stop.

I stopped yesterday when I saw something good, and it got my attention in such a way that I looked around (and within) for a minute and thought, “Cool … wait, when did I get here?”

1. My heart has expanded. It’s true that you will not be tested beyond your ability, but He will test you right up to that point. Tuesday night I thought that point had come, but half-way into it discovered I was a full eigth-inch within the boundaries of “my ability.” I think sometimes we underestimate our ability (especially in Christ), and blame God.

2. Jesus is real. For two years this doubt would creep up on me in the most insignificant moments. If I was believing or praying for something big, my faith was full and I was good. If I was in the middle of normal Sunday morning worship, this voice would break in, “What if it’s all a lie?” It was never a huge struggle to shut it up, but lately during prayer and worship … I don’t know how to describe it, He’s just real. As real as I am to me.

3. Prayer affects me. Twice in two days I’ve had people pray for me and it’s hit me like a club. Sometimes we go through really stressful or really hopeless times and people pray things like, “Holy Spirit, comfort her … be her strength … fill her with Your joy …” We think, “Ya, that’s nice,” but five minutes later we feel the same, and the person who prayed doesn’t expect it to really happen because they open their eyes and give you this sympathetic, puppy-dog face. It’s really been happening though, and it’s awesome.

So rest assured, He’s working. If it doesn’t seem like He is, be excited because soon you’ll look around and wonder how on earth you got where you are – and He’ll get all the glory.

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  1. Mel permalink
    October 13, 2006 12:52 am

    This blog could have so been me this past week. I had a very similar experience. Thank God that He is working when we can’t see!!!

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