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evil and inhumane

September 20, 2006

Stop! Everybody just stop. This is stupid. Pope makes a comment about Muhammad’s teachings being “evil and inhumane,” and now Muslim’s all over the world are waging a war on the west and other “worshippers of the cross?” Excuse me, now? This war is just beginning now? Give me a break. (If you’re nodding a blank visage right now, check out the Honest Reporting link to the right, or go here.)

I know I’m just a kafir with a limited knowledge of Islam, but can I make two small observations here (besides the above)?

1. Why do I not hear a Muslim voice denying Muhammad’s command to “spread by the sword the faith?” My primitive, western mind translates that, “intimidate by threat of death in order to convert people to Islam.” To me, that’s evil and inhumane, but all I’m hearing is “I’m offended,” not “That’s not true.”

2. Why is it that every time the Muslim world is insulted by unreasonable claims regarding the violent nature of Islam, the loudest response is a group of fundamental Islamists rioting, bombing and declaring war? I mean if I’m mad because someone thinks I’m voilent – and I’m really not – do I punch that person in the face to prove him wrong?

I love Muslims, and I know there are many, many, many who are peaceful and against jihad – but where are you?

The thing that really gets me is today’s headline: Pope Expresses ‘Deep Respect’ for Islam? The man’s totally back-peddaling and it’s weak sauce. It is possible to respect Muslim people without respecting Islam. And then he makes the comment that now he’s looking for, “positive, even self-critical dialogue both among religions and between modern reason and Christian faith.” Dialogue between modern reason and Christian faith? What does that even mean?

I’d like to dialogue with all the peace-loving Muslims out there – we can have tea and talk about the woes of being misrepresented to the world.

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