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skee ball and bad pizza

September 19, 2006

Last night we celebrated my birthday (again) with a few friends at Chuck E Cheese: pizza and skee ball – what else do you need to turn 23?

Bianca went way over board. She brought balloons and streamers, which she immediately began decorating the table with, as well as a german chocolate up-side-down cake. Tim and Marianne brought a tiara.

Chuck E Cheese pizza has come a long way, but not long enough that my tummy wasn’t a bit angry with me this morning (nothing a little prayer and repentence can’t move along). I think the pizza sauce had more sugar in it than the cake.

We spent a few hours eating poorly and everyone spent $5 on skee ball and photo machines and random video games. Little Goldilocks (Bella) came with as well, and entertained us when the flashing lights and loud music failed. All in all a successful evening.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 19, 2006 8:36 pm

    ‘way over board’ is an exaggeration at its worst! A few balloons and streamers does not do justice in celebrating such a truly neat, called woman like Alexis Wisniewski! You are AWESOME and we felt privileged you called to let us in our celebrating you! By the way, the best part of the night was seeing you and Timmy smoochin’ by the end! :D

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