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September 15, 2006

My buddy, Michael, went to Wisconsin last weekend for an anniversary/reunion thing. Last night he was talking a bit about people he hadn’t seen in a while, etc. and mentioned someone’s new baby.

The boy is – I think – six months old. Michael was telling us that this kid would smile really big when you looked at him, and then if you looked away his countenance kind of fell a bit. (It was great b/c Michael was re-enacting the six-month-old facial expressions as best he could.) He said it was amazing, and he didn’t believe the kid was doing it at first so he’d look at him and look away and look at him and look away.

I was thinking about that story on the way to work this morning, and the thought came to my mind: how much more does our Father smile when we turn our faces toward Him? And when we turn away, how much more does He wait for us to look His way again? I got the impression, from Michael’s story, that there wasn’t one time when he looked at this baby and the baby didn’t smile – how much more is our Abba always happy to see our eyes on Him?

On a side note, this was on Brian’s blog the other day and I love it:

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